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ARCT-RCM Diploma

Music Lessons and Training

Ontario Academy of Music is offering the best affordable music lessons in Toronto when it comes to RCM training. The RCM diploma can significantly ease students’ further progress in secondary music school. The certificate they will get can contribute to their chances to become part of some professional music program.

What can artists get from our training?

We are one of the first music academies in Toronto that has implemented so-called whole-brain learning in our training process. This is the best method to get the most from each class.

Curriculum Modules for Artist Certification Program

We are offering different curriculums depending on the certification level. Each curriculum is divided into separate elements – Program planning and delivery, program orientation, marketing and PR (Public Relations). The basic levels come with simpler curriculum and the depth and complexity increases according to the progress. In other words, we help artist to grow naturally.


Every artist who is part of these classes is expected to continue with their professional development by being part of all sessions, creating and submitting papers and lesson plans and keep up with their work in the classroom and practicing music in their community.

Artist success

The final goal of this music training is to help artists get the necessary skills to implement the certification program in the best way. For this reason, we provide artist evaluation which includes things like lesson plan reviews, completion of training modules, preparing papers etc.

Level I – Artist-Educator

The first level training is focused on developing skills to work successfully with other students. It is based on the Artist Educator Foundations course.

Level II – Lead Artist

As expect, Level II training is a logical continuation of level I training and it is focused on expanding the artist’s capabilities to work in community and schools. Once it is finished successfully, the student gets a certification for lead Artist.

Level III – Mentor Artist

This advanced level of education allows students to become leaders in the field of integrative education. It is based on the core learning practiced in the Lead Artist training program and once it is finished, the student gets a Royal Conservatory Mentor Artist title.


Our music school is located in the city of North York, just few minutes away from major highways 401 and 400 (Jane and Wilson intersection) which means that it can be reached easily no matter where you are coming from.


51 Beverly Hills Dr. ,
North York, ON M3L 1A2