51 Beverly Hills Dr. ,North York, ON M3L 1A2, TEL: (416) 247-2910

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Learn English through Songs and Music Tips

5 Tips to Learn English through Songs and Music There are many people who are trying to learn a second language and they often feel frustrated that they might be having a hard time doing this. Perhaps you know someone who is struggling to learn English and you would like to show them how they …


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Bad Habits Holding You Back as You Learn Piano

What are Bad Habits Holding You Back as You Learn piano? The piano is without a doubt one of the most alluring and fascinating instruments ever created. Some of the most popular and highly acclaimed classical compositions have been made in pianos and there is no question that it continues to be the favorite of …


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Piano lessons benefit kids

Why do piano lessons benefit kids? There is one thing that is truly undeniable, and that is the effectiveness that musical instruments have, when it comes to the growth of an individual. The younger the person is when this happens, the easier it will be for music to be useful in every aspect of their …


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Good Reasons to learn music

There are many people all over the world who are always looking for something that can bring more joy and fun into their lives. There is one thing that most people have in common when they decide to learn music, and that is the fact that they all recommend it as an amazing hobby that …


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Story about Ontario Academy of Music

There are many interesting places in Toronto that people can look for if they are interested in learning music in a serious and professional way.  The truth is that there are some very specific reasons that make the Ontario Academy of Music the most valuable place for any person with a passion for music to …



Our music school is located in the city of North York, just few minutes away from major highways 401 and 400 (Jane and Wilson intersection) which means that it can be reached easily no matter where you are coming from.


51 Beverly Hills Dr. ,
North York, ON M3L 1A2