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Bad Habits Holding You Back as You Learn Piano

Bad Habits Holding You Back as You Learn Piano

What are Bad Habits Holding You Back as You Learn piano?

The piano is without a doubt one of the most alluring and fascinating instruments ever created. Some of the most popular and highly acclaimed classical compositions have been made in pianos and there is no question that it continues to be the favorite of millions of listeners as well as people who are looking for a musical instrument to learn how to play.

There are some bad habits that are known to be a popular cause for piano players to have poor progress as they learn their instrument. This is the reason why we have decided to help you avoid those habits and ensure that your piano playing skills get better and better with time.


Not learning to read sheet music

oaom_ontario_academy_of_music_026There are many piano players who have been able to learn very complex compositions without understanding the theory behind them and without being able to learn to read sheet music. But the problem with doing this is that you might end up forgetting a part of the songs and eventually making serious mistakes in your performance.

You should always take the time to learn the structure of the compositions and learn to read sheet music as fast as you would read the newspaper. This is going to be essential for your success.


Not having proper posture

If you don’t learn how to properly place your hands on the piano and how to sit in a proper position when playing the instrument, you will develop playing habits that will significantly hinder your progress. You need to be able to have a proper posture if you want to play the piano to the best of your abilities.


Playing scales without paying attention

If you start playing scales all day long, this is not a bad thing to do because it will be very helpful when you are trying to create music, and also when you are trying to incorporate piano parts to a composition created with other instruments. It is important to consider the importance of being able to play those scales with proper posture and hand movements that are going to allow you to reach the highest possible speeds, without losing your tempo.


Not using a metronome

This is one thing that many musicians fail to do, and it’s an extremely important part of the process of learning to play the piano properly. The metronome allows you to practice music in a way that trains you to keep strict timing with all of the notes you play. Being able to keep a steady rhythm is going to be extremely important for your success as a piano player and it will be essential if you want to take the instrument seriously.



Playing the piano can be one of the most rewarding experiences that a person can have but if you don’t pay attention to those bad habits, you could end up in a frustrating situation that makes you feel like you have not been able to gain the kind of progress expected. This is one of the most common reasons why many players never achieve their full potential and they quite playing the instrument.

You should avoid those bad habits as they are going to prevent you from achieving your full potential as a player. This is proven to be essential for your success with the instrument and you can easily avoid those habits now that you know more about them.

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